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Dr. David Smith provides medical-legal consultation and expert witness testimony for legal cases involving infectious disease prevention, contraction, treatment, sterilization, facility control procedures, and other issues related to infectious diseases such as staphylococcal illnesses, aides, Lyme disease, influenza (flu), swine influenza, hepatitis, mononucleosis, and other emerging infectious diseases.


  1. Initial Evaluation–Intake Retainer. All materials submitted in 3-ring legal binders appropriately tabbed in chronological order.  Depos included in binder if available. Later depos either supplied in a binder or submitted stapled so that they can be inserted in a binder by Dr. Smith.  Intake fee for 2 bound volumes or less = $3,000.00.  Each additional volume is per $1,000.00 volume (derived by 2 hours review time for each volume at $500.00 per hour).  Plaintiff cases retainer due at time of initial mailing and within 10 working days of additional billings.  Defense cases– payment at time of initial review is preferable but must be within 7 working days before any discussion of the case can begin.
  2. Hourly fees going forward–$500.00 per hour.  Incidental fees–copying, purchasing articles–at cost reimbursement.
  3. Deposition fees–$3,000.00 for 6 hours or less.  $3,000.00 + $500.00 per hour or partial hour thereof if greater than 6 hours.  
    Deposition reservation works in the following manner—at the time of the depo reservation $3,000.00 (100% is due and is non-refundable in the event of cancellation by the requesting legal team.  Depo advance will be refunded by Dr. Smith if he cancels for any reason.
  4. Trial fees $5,000.00 per day + all expenses–same rate applies for travel time.  Portion of a day is at the same rate $5,000.00 per day.  Trial reservation occurs in the following manner.  90 days pre-trial lawyer requests DLS to reserve a date for trial.  DLS reserves said date.  At the time of setting a trial date, 100% of anticipated expert charges are due prior to Dr. Smith reserving that date.
    Examples:  Local trials or within a 100 mile radius from the Kansas City metro area–Assume 2 days $10,000.00 + expenses.  Reserving amount due at time of reservation $5,000.00.  The trial reservation is non-refundable.

Cases and fees are mailed to the following address:

David L. Smith, M. D.     
6562 Barth Rd.
Shawnee, KS  66226

6562 Barth Road Shawnee, KS 66226

tel: 601.214.0968

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