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Dr. David L. Smith, M.D.

David L. Smith, M. D., F. A. C. P., F. I. D. S. A., founded Medical Legal Infectious Disease in 1986.The impetus for the founding was the request of a colleague in Kansas City to review a medical record with medical-legal questions regarding aspects of care.  

Since that time Dr. Smith has reviewed and been involved in the evaluation in over 300 cases and has given approximately 150 depositions.  This consultative experience has been equally split between plaintiff and defense cases.  He has reviewed cases from 16 states.  Dr. Smith has attended National Medical Legal Conferences and has presented a talk at a New Orleans National Plaintiff Conference.  Dr. Smith graduated from Duke University School of Medicine and did all his training in Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease there.  He was one of the first two Fellows to graduate from the Duke ID Program.  He was in the initial class of Robert Wood Johnson scholars and did additional training in Epidemiology at the UNC School of Public Health.  Dr. Smith attained Fellow status in the Infectious Disease Society and the American College of Physicians by age 37.  

Dr. Smith has had a unique work experience of 8 years in full time academic medicine and 19 years in an academically affiliated hospital.  He has also had 20 years of full time private practice.  He began Nosocomial Infection Control Programs at the University of Mississippi and the University of Missouri–Columbia.  He established multiple such programs in a number of Kansas City hospitals and brought the discipline of Community Infectious Disease to many of these hospitals.  Dr. Smith has particular areas of expertise in epidemiology, pharmaceutical research, and general areas of hospital and community Infectious Disease.  Full CV is available.  You may contact Dr. Smith to begin the process of Medical Legal ID Consultation by contacting him at the numbers indicated by phone or text or by email as noted on the website.




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